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Hello, and welcome to Dawn's Poetry page!

I am an internationally published Poet. I have lost track of the number of books I am in, though I know I am on 3 (soon to be 4) CD's. Sounds silly, I know. For poetry from around the world, or to add your own poems to the world community, please visit www.poetry.com

I believe it is a dream for anyone to know they are immortalized in print. Here I am presenting you with my poetry, published and unpublished, because I want to share it with as many people as I can.

As of 06-09-2005, there are 7 poems: All are published except for "Of Flies and Walls". Ron Thompson's poem is due for publication in "The International Who's Who of Poetry", both as a book and a CD, in October 2005. I hope you get as much joy from reading my poetry as I have gotten from writing it.

There are some special people (and pets) represented in my poetry, I hope they all know who they are once all my poems are here.

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I have written a Special Poem for Mr. Ron Thompson, please click HERE to read this Poem.

A World without Poetry is a World without expression.

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This Poem has been moved

to better display it's unique perspective.

Of Flies and Walls

If walls could speak,
What would they tell?
Tales of Heaven?
Tales of Hell?

If eyes are windows
Into the soul,
Are windows eyes
Into the Home?

The day-to-day trials
Of all our lives,
Do they fuel the gossip
Of day-to-day flies?

May your words be sweet
And your judgements kind.
The flies are all talking,
And the walls aren't blind.

...And a World without expression is a World without Joy.

The Perfect Love (A poem for all pet owners)

You are the perfect love.
Never judging, always forgiving,
You see me as your reason for living.

You are the prefect love.
When I am sad you know,
You soothe my pain, restore my glow.

You are the prefect love.
When I feel joy you see it too
And return it in a way uniquely you.

You are the perfect love.
Your love will never flag or fog,
You are after all, my beloved dog.

Free Spirit

A free spirit looms
Casting light
On life and love and everything
A strong call
A stand tall
A sure sign
Of better things
Better things
Sweet, sweet tranquility
And in your soul
You're all the things
You ever wanted to be
Dreams and reality
Blend with sudden clarity
You are who you are
That's all you need

Joyous Reunion

On this night the angels dance
And stars shine over-bright
As you, my love, return to me and hold me close and tight.
It had seemed that ages passed, as time slipped quietly by
Before a quiet moment could be had for you and I.
And yet no feeling lessened, no passion fire was lost
For waiting only fanned the flames, and waiting was the cost
Joined again together to soar and sing with gladness,
The tender touch, the sweet embrace,
The love reflected on your face!
Oh, dreams, delight, and passion's pleasure,
Take me to a higher measure!
Whenever I am in your arms,
Succumb to you and your sweet charms.
And as I fall to sleep tonight, remembering the sheer delight
Upon my face, the angels see
The joy, the light, the ecstasy.
I love you and you love me.

©Copyrights 2004 & 2005 Dawn Merrill